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How better can we explain H2o Sushi other than with our customers own words:

  • H20 is one of the best and most exciting restaurants in Indianapolis. Their menu not only has the freshest sushi, but has an ever evolving menu of creative dishes using both local and regional vendors, and I like that.
  • The staff is always attentive and not scared to steer you in a direction to maximize your dining experience, but remember to always leave room for dessert and enjoy the famous cookies and homemade ice cream.
  • H2o is one of those unassuming restaurants, where the word “sushi” in its title might make you think it is a plain average sushi bar…..but then one day your curiosity gets the best of  you and you decide to stop by and check it out. As you walk in, you see a modern, casual decor, with the sushi bar front and center. Stools line the bar, where the owners and staff chat with the patrons while they create masterpieces of fresh veggies and fish as you watch, fascinated. You can tell that this is a place where regulars enjoy coming to hang out, sip an ice cold beer or glass of wine, and relax. The fresh sushi is unique in its combination of exotic flavors, and the other fare’s complex and creative pairings make for a memorable meal. The desserts speak for themselves, and are always the perfect conclusion to a meal.   This is one place that will have your taste buds screaming for more. Beware, once you try it, you will become one of those regulars!
  • The dining atmosphere is only rivaled by the tremendous flavor of the dishes that are served at H2O.  It is such a pleasure to go to a place to eat and have the entire staff great you as if you were family.  The passion in the presentation shows the quality and pride that goes into everything that is prepared either in the kitchen or right before your eyes at the sushi bar.
  • The creativeness of the chefs and the attention to detail of the staff is what keeps me coming back again and again.

Eli & Nicole Anderson


H2O Restaurant and Sushi Bar