An Easy Way to Do Yoga

You’ve probably had lots of people tell you that you should do yoga, but if you are an absolute beginner than one of the many problems that you would be facing is that you wouldn’t really know where to start. There are all kinds of yoga poses out there that you can take part in, and all of these yoga poses offer their own benefits. You would probably want to try and enjoy as many of these benefits as possible, which is why building yourself up would be a pretty good idea.

That being said, if your main goal is try and become a little fitter then without a doubt the very best thing for you to do would be to do surya namaskar. This is a set of six poses, four of which are repeated, that you do in a complete set. Doing twelve rounds of these poses is enough to give you a decent workout, and it can also enable you to lose some weight, gain some muscle tone and limber your body up thereby giving you a more flexible musculature that would be far less prone to cramps.

At the Marianne Wells Yoga School you are going to learn a lot of tricks that are going to help you to take part in yoga without worrying about how far you need to go. Most of the time yoga is not that hard, and if you just take that all important first step then there is no reason why you won’t be able to get the most out of it every single time you focus on it. Surya namaskar is the best way to train your body for the more difficult yogic poses.