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Benefits of Translating Your Video And Using English Subtitles

Subtitles and captions are two completely different things. Both are used on videos on different platforms, but they have two different purposes.

Getting your videos translated into English language and using English subtitles on them can broaden your audience to around 20% of the entire world at a minimum. That is because around 20% of the world population speak and understand English. This provides you with various opportunities for marketing and growing your audience.

If you want to get the benefits of high-quality video production, you should definitely use English subtitles on it.

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Better Ranking Opportunities

Millions of people around the globe watch videos on a daily basis. That is because lots of video content is getting made, and the competition is getting fierce with every passing second. Therefore, you should grab every ranking opportunity provided to you by platforms like YouTube.

Translating your videos in English, and using English subtitles can highly improve your chances of getting ranked on every platform. Improved rankings can help you get more subscribers, and scale your YouTube channel in the long run.

Better Outreach

Around 2 billion people around the globe speak and understand English. By translating your videos into this language, you can broaden your audience and increase your opportunities considerably. When your videos do not have English subtitles, billions of people are cut off from your videos. Moreover, English subtitles can help non-native speakers read the sentences while you are speaking, and understand your videos in a better way.

While captions are available on popular video streaming platforms, you should still use a good translation service to get your videos translated to English.