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Can Criminal Charges Affect Immigration Proceedings?

Aspiring immigrants, especially those living in the US might face harsh consequences if they get arrested for a crime. Your immigration/ citizenship request will not be considered if you get charged for a crime. Undocumented people can get easily deported if they’re arrested for a crime in the States.

This is what makes hiring a criminal defense lawyer (check this profile) a very important step to take right after getting arrested by the police. Your lawyer will help you find some good ways out of the conviction, and might help you end the case completely. Here are some implications that an arrest can have on your application of immigration.

Difference Between Arrest And Conviction

You must know the difference between being arrested and being convicted. Legal definitions of both these terms don’t change no matter if you’re a citizen or an immigrant.

Being arrested means that you’re a suspected criminal. That’s why you can’t be declared guilty straight away. However, a conviction means that the state was able to prove that you were at fault for a crime. So, you don’t need to panic if you’re attested for a crime that you didn’t commit, as this doesn’t make you a criminal.

So, Does an Arrest Matter in Any Case?

Having a good moral record is very important for a smooth immigration process. The officials always analyze your criminal record when considering the application. Moreover, your arrest record is also analyzed. Being arrested for crimes like drug abuse and drug trafficking will definitely affect your character assessment test.

This is the reason why being convicted isn’t necessary for the US immigration officials to deny your immigration application. So, you should avoid being arrested for crimes in the first place, and should hire a good criminal defense lawyer to help you if you’re arrested.