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Effects of Using Spice You Must Know

Spice, or lab made Marijuana has become very popular these days. K2 spice papers are made from tree extracts which you can smoke, and then sprayed with synthetic marijuana which makes you high. You can buy these papers easily in gas stations and other smoking are later shops.

Usually, Spice is sold as an alternative to natural marijuana. However, it can have an even stronger effect than marijuana on your body. Since the substance is available so easily, it is becoming increasingly popular in teens and adults.

So, let’s take a look at how using a legal high K2 spice paper can affect your body and mind.

Short Term Effects

Although spice is synthetic marijuana, it can have the same affects as a natural marijuana on your body. For example, it makes you feel relaxed, decreases depression and anxiety, and provides a few other benefits in the short term.

However, in addition to the benefits spice papers can provide you with, they can also come with their own side effects. The side effects vary depending on the manufacturer you are buying your K2 spice paper from. The most common side effects include increased heart rate, increased aggression, anxiety, vomiting and a few others.

Long Term Effects

The long-term effects of synthetic marijuana, or spice are mostly unknown since the drug is relatively new in the market. However, some patients have reported heart complications after using spice papers for a long time. Moreover, unmonitored spice addiction can lead to seizures, and can introduce further complications in your body.

Does It Cause Dependence?

While there are no withdrawal symptoms when you stop using marijuana, spice usually shows withdrawal symptoms which are severe. For example, cravings, headache, increased heart rate and Suicidal thoughts are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms of spice users.