Essential Walking Partners

Have you ever had a feeling that something isn’t going right with your life but you just can’t, for the life of you, point out what it is? Sometimes we get stressed without even knowing it and it’s no surprise either; striking a healthy work-life balance isn’t something they taught us in school, when they should have. Repeating the same routine again and again can be enough to make anyone start feeling anxious. When this happens, you might seek comfort in things you don’t really need or you’ll start looking for ways to unwind, which can be healthy but only to an extent.

What you should do is try and get some exercise in your day. It might sound counter-productive to do something that requires even more effort when you’re already stressed out but the human being is programmed to seek exercise just as much as we seek food and sex. It’s your brain’s way of keeping you healthy and active. If you can’t hit the gym, walking is a great way to get exercise and take in your surroundings while you do so, making is a very therapeutic experience as well.

It’s easy to find time to go out for a walk but if you do so without the right kind of shoes, you can develop a lot of discomfort and sores on your feet. It’s important to invest in a pair of walking shoes with padded soles and breathable meshes so you can walk for longer distances without any fatigue. A lot of women develop problems in their feet and their knees because they walk too much while wearing shoes that don’t absorb the impact your feet make against the ground. To get more info on what shoes you should wear while walking, visit