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How to Make Carpet Soft After Cleaning

Just because something is really efficient at cleaning does not mean it would be similarly efficacious in terms of comfort maximization. For example, laundry detergent can help clean your clothes and rid them of germs, but your clothes would feel a little too crisp for comfort once all has been said and is now out of the way. Similarly, carpet cleaning methods that are really great in terms of dirt removal and sanitization might not be ideal if you look at them based on how soft they might make the rug that you enjoy using every day after work.

The reason behind this is that most Baytown TX carpet cleaning involves steam based processes. This steam can expand the fibers by moistening them, thereby exposing a greater quantity of dirt for you to sweep up without bending or twisting these fibers. However, a side effect of this cleaning method is that your carpet would feel a little crackly under your feet, so you might want to do a follow up cleaning to make it softer than might have been the case otherwise.

The key to making your carpet soft as a cloud after cleaning is to add some fabric softener. It would be even better if you put this fabric softener on the rug before you steam cleaned it, because the hot water extraction method enables you to suck the slippery substance up. It only needs to be on the carpet for about ten minutes to give it an enormously satisfying level of softness, so you should take care not to exceed that time duration otherwise you would really come to regret it because of the fraying it might cause.