louis vuitton neverfull monogram gm

How to Tell If a LV Neverfull Bag is Real?

When a products takes the market by storm and sells out quickly then it gets so many replicas, there is an entire industry for replica products and usually their focus is on the bestselling items and when it comes to LV handbags, then nothing is as popular and widely known as the Neverfull Damier Azur, the contrast is known worldwide and many copy it with different names and logos and on it and that is never an issue, the real problem arises when the replicas are made with the same name and logo but if you are smart enough you can differentiate between a real and a fake product.

The first thing to consider is the packaging, you would find a number of things in the packaging which stand out and most of the fake producers find it hard to copy that, if you havent bought a LV bag yet then you can watch the packaging in detail on video and learn all about it, remember there is no plastic involved in the original product, if you get a LV bag delivered wrapped around in nice plastic then this is alarming.

Once you have checked the packaging you should then focus on inspecting the material, know that LV does not use regular leather but it is a combination leather and treated canvas which is smooth yet durable, then the obvious one is the pattern that is there for everyone to see, LV doesn’t play around with the pattern when it comes to one of their best sellers and any change in that pattern is a sign of a fake product and it tells you to stay away from it, last but not the least you should always check the size and number of emblems that are there on a bag.