How You Can Teach Your Baby to Sit Up

One of the many milestones of your baby in his first year is learning to sit up. Moms often try to see how they can help their babies in sitting up. Keep in mind that while you can definitely help your baby in sitting up, your baby will pick up everything at his own pace, and will make his own progress.

The Age For Sitting Up

Like most of the baby milestones, the exact age of sitting up isn’t clear. That’s because doctors allocate a few months for the milestone of sitting up. Just like the adults, babies have their own learning abilities too. Whole some might start sitting early, others usually take their time to learn fully. Just remember that if your baby is learning slow in one area, he might be busy in learning other skills. Small babies of around 4 to 6 months start sitting up with your help.

Encourage Sitting

Once the baby develops good control of his head, and has a strong trunk, you can help him I’m sitting on his own. A good sigh of self control is when your baby is able to lift off his head from the ground without any assistance.

Start helping the baby by helping them sit, and by keeping your hands on his trunk while he’s sitting. As the baby keeps learning, you can start lowering your hand on the trunk, as this requires more usage of tummy muscles from the baby to keep sitting. Every once in a while, you can also prop the baby against something (like a wall) to encourage him to sit.

Your Baby is Learning Other Things Too

Babies have different milestones to achieve as they grow up. With sitting up, your baby might also be rolling over. Babies start responding to the moving objects at this point. If you need further help, just search Google on how to make baby sit up.