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Types of Wedding Photography Styles

When it comes to weddings, photography is a huge part of the whole event as it captures all your precious moments. When choosing a wedding photographer, you have to look into quite a few things.

The most critical part is the photographer’s style of capturing pictures. This has to click with your concepts and style in order for perfect pictures on the special day. Styles have become challenging to understand as there is often a crossover of genres. Some wedding shots are black and white and some are in sepia colors.  But to make things easier for you, we will discuss the two main categories of wedding photography.


In the perspective of weddings, posed pictures are categorized as fashion, fine art or traditional. This type of photography gives full power to the photographer, who has total control over the outcome of your images. This is because the pictures are orchestrated. In this category, the main focus is on the couple, with detailed, extravagant shots. You will see perfectly curated shots in full detail of the couple, leaving behind beautiful memories for them.


These refer to reportage, documentary, photo journalistic or candid pictures. It’s basically the same thing, but without people knowing. The essence of this type of photography is to capture the moments in between the official event; people talking, eating or laughing. To describe it easily, it captures the atmosphere and emotions of the wedding. The portfolio is filled with warm hugs, cute dance moments and much more.

So if you want posing, like beautiful images of you and your spouse in detail, then you can look up wedding photographers who take fine art photographs. But if you want to capture candid moments of the small things happening at your wedding, then unposed photography is the answer.