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What Degree Nozzle For Pressure Washing Vinyl Fence Panels

If cleaning your vinyl fence panel is becoming a challenge for you then give this article a good read because we are here to discuss the important bits of cleaning vinyl fence panels, there are a few important details which you need to bear in mind when pressure washing vinyl fence panels, simple things done right would make it an easy job and if you ignore these it will become a headache for you and it might damage the material as well.

The most important part here is selecting the right nozzle, vinyl fence panels need a certain level of pressure to get cleaned and anything less than that would not clean it perfectly and excessive force would damage, experts recommend using a 25 degree green nozzle for house cleaning but for a vinyl fence panel, a white panel which produces a 40 degree water spray is recommended which is considered as gentle yet effective spray which has the best effect on vinyl fence panels.

When you have selected the right type of nozzle, you need to select a detergent which works best on a vinyl surface, leave it there for two to five minutes and then rinse it off with your pressure washer, if there is any stubborn algae, dirt spots or grim left behind use a soft bristle brush, scrub it and then you can use less amount of detergent once again and repeat the rinsing process, this is the way to do pressure washing Stafford TX on your vinyl fence panel.