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What Type of Carpet Cleaner Do Professionals Use?

Watching someone clean a carpet can be quite relaxing, especially if they are trained professionals who have truly uncovered the science of this level of cleaning in a way that few others would be able to hold a candle to at the end of the day. One of the most intriguing things about carpet cleaners is that they often don’t even use any kinds of solutions or sprays, often instead relying on a technique that few if any laypeople tend to know all that much about.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, a carpet cleaning service Clear Lake would likely still be able to clean your carpet out and leave it so fresh and pleasant smelling that you would probably just want to lie down and sleep on it for hours at a time. Good quality carpet cleaning is all about using hot water extraction, and it is important to note that most professionals use steam cleaners specifically due to the reason that it allows them to use the hot water extraction method to great effect.

The way that hot water extraction works is basically that heat and moisture are used to firstly break up dirt and subsequently dissolve it after which it can be sucked up the vacuum pump in the cleaners. The result would be a carpet that feels smooth and soft, so much so that anyone that comes over might actually think that you just bought this carpet recently instead of it being an item that you purchased a really long time ago. Professionals use steam cleaners for a reason, and their effects need to be seen to be believed.